Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update while Dad's out!

Chris is in OKC tonight cheering our Thunder boys to victory, so Tyson and I are cuddled up on the couch, watching a marthon of the Big Bang Theory. Plus, I promised some ladies I would get better at doing this, so this is my attempt.

Fourth Grade is still fabulous, for the most part. I dealt with an absolute melt down of a student today, though. He was completely distraught because he lost his recess for not following hallway procedures. Life's tough, friend, but really? A complete melt down over recess? It's only 10 minutes long!!

On the wedding front, we are down to a little more than 5 months, people. I have a preacher now. I have selected (but not ordered yet) invitations. Our registries are done. I need a florist. The bridesmaids jewelry is all done. I just finished designing the guest book. I need to pick out suits for the boys. I talked to the caterer, and she invited me (and Chris, I suppose) to a tasting. I'm still trying to find cake designs I like. So, things are still movin' and shakin', I suppose.

And now for some bragging news...

Not many of you know this, but in January I started Weight Watchers with Jessica. I was sick of my clothes being tight. I was sick of feeling uncomfortable and, let's face it, FAT. I was just done with it. So, with Jessica's encouragement and help, I started WW. I got into working out everyday, and watching my food intake and points. I continued following WW while I worked in Ohio all summer. I started running for the first time since high school. I got a coworker hooked on doing WW. When I came back to Oklahoma, I kept on it. I inspired two friends to get on the WW train. My workout routine has fizzled, but I continue to watch my points. I have pretty much experienced a life style change. I understand food, portion control, and my needs better. I am happy to report, that after 10 months, I have lost....50 lbs. I have reached my goal weight, however, I have lowered it again by another 20. I hope to lose that 20 and start weight lifting by my wedding day. Now, I'm pretty realistic, so I'm not going to starve myself just to do it. I'm just going to continue with what I'm doing. I don't deprive myself. I don't punish myself. I simply control what I'm eating. You can ask some of my friends. I'm pretty picky these days, but I'm not a freak! I have never felt better. I don't get heart burn like I used to. All my clothes are too big. I wore tights as pants, to work, for the first time EVER! So, go me! (Ok, I'm done with my bragging)

This weekend I will be in Dallas celebrating my best friend from high school's bachelorette party! She is getting married in 2 weeks in El Reno. I'm really excited for her! The happy couple has been together since we were seniors in high 11 years!!

Ok, that's enough! Later gators!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My ponderings...

As I lay here in bed on this Sunday evening, I have several things on my mind. How will I ever accomplish them? Well, I suppose making a list is a good starting place.....

1. Get stuff for Staci's bachelorette party in two weeks.
2. Order wedding invitations.
3. Order save the dates (still up in the air on this one)
4. Find cake server and knife and toasting flutes
5. Lesson plan
6. Change my core curriculum standards around
7. Ugh, I forgot to change my class's line order!
8. Start Christmas shopping
9. Continue losing weight. Perhaps I need to suck it up and wake up at 4:30 and get back to working out...
10. Reduce my invite list
11. Order engagement pictures
12. Decide what to get my class for their "holiday" present
13. Get my eye brows waxed
14. Get opinions on bikini waxes...maybe
15. Get wedding gift for Chris and staci. Yeah, three of my besties are with Chris'...
16. Schedule my Caterer's "tasting" meeting...oh I can't wait!
17. stop adding things to this list.

No wonder I never sleep with a lick!! I shall leave you with the wonderfully flattering shot my dear fiancée took of me last night. Love him...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ok, so last we met, I had told you all about me leaving Ohio, setting my wedding date, selecting my wedding party, and moving home. Let us continue, shall we?

5. The Arrival of Miss Kinley Snow and her Newborn Pics
So Courtney Allen was employed by Jennie Snow to take the newborn pictures of one, Miss Kinley Elise. Since I would be in town (this happened the same weekend as my surprise OK visit), Courtney elisted my expert assistance…i.e….I can follow directions and do what I’m told by the professional. My reward was gazing and cuddling on this precious baby girl! And eating Chic-fil-a. And eating one of their delicious cookies. It is so amazing to watch Courtney in action. She has such an eye for photography. This may come in handy when someone I know, no mention of names, will need pictures taken in the near future… Anyway, it was a ton of fun to help out, and coo over this little tiny miracle. I love Kinley so much! Afterwards, I attended Wild Brew of Tulsa with Chris and Adonis. It’s a charity event. Very posh. Because I’m so sophisticated (insert sophisticated agreement remark by Corey Shehl). That was a ton of fun as well. I love just going and sampling the best foods of Tulsa (oh yeah, and there are beers there too).

6. Preggo Secrets!
I was fortunate enough to be let in on two of my friends being pregnant! They are actually best friends, and two weeks apart. One recently announced her pregnancy on FB, and she’s having a girl! CONGRATS TESSA!!! I’m so happy for you and Geoff! Now you’ve got your legacy, so all our hard work at EN won’t be for nothing! Let’s be those alumnae who show up at initiation! ;) My other friend has yet to announce her pregnancy on FB, so I shall keep my lips zipped! Hehehehe

7. Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing (as told by me, NOT Judy Blume)
So yes, I now teach 4th grade! (Shout out to Tessa Beauliu for graciously giving me all her 4th grade materials…what a LIFESAVER. I am forever in her debt) And boy, let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference between it and Kindergarten! Geez louise! I am exhausted every night! There is no such thing as down time or brain break. They must have something to do at all time. The first two weeks really was just me assessing them, figuring out their math, reading, spelling, and phonics level. That stuff is finally done! And now it’s time to rearrange the 4th grade classrooms. I’m sad to say I will be losing 4 of my precious babies, but I will be gaining 7 new ones. I will start teaching the higher level 4 graders. This is exciting because they are all on level or above. We will be pushing our limits! Learning new and exciting things that require more brain power and higher level critical thinking (hehehe, look at me using my higher level critical thinking skills!). I love my 19 so much, but the 4 that are leaving really will benefit more from a slower paced classroom. At least I will still get to see them every day! I guess I can start using my blog to write more about the happenings of 4th grade. So, get ready! You’ll be hearing more about these kiddos soon!

8. Missy is HOME!
So when I wrote that yesterday, Missy hadn’t landed in the TX yet. But now, she has! And yes, ladies and gentlemen, Missy Protas IS HOME! ON AMERICAN SOIL! I’m so excited to have her back. I know she will miss Oz terribly, but what a life experience! (And Adam will be here soon!) I’m so totes jelly! I know CA, JS, and I can’t wait to host her and EW for a fun filled weekend! Welcome home, sister! LIOB!

That's it for now, my friends! What a treat! Two blogs in one week! Don't get used to it! I will really give it a college try though, and schedule some during the week that I can get typed up during the weekend. Laters babe! ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fast Foward!

Well I suppose it is time for my every few month update. As I've been reminded by Mrs. Jennie Snow, some pretty big things have happened lately. Also, as per Mrs. Snow, I'm typing in the car on my iPad.
I think it was June where we last left off. Perhaps engagement blog? Maybe I need to read my own blog to check???????? Ok, just checked on my phone and indeed, the proposal story was the last. At least I post the important stuff!! ;)
Let's have an agenda so I'm sure to cover everything, I may even get two or three blogs out of this!
1. Wedding date/party finalized
2. Chris' Ohio visit
3. My surprise ok visit
4. New job/the move home
5. The arrival of Miss Kinley and her pics
6. Preggo secrets!
7. Tales of the 4th grade nothing (not by Judy Blume)
8. Missy is coming home!
1. Wedding date/party finalized
Our wedding date has been set, Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 7pm. Please see the following website for all details: It will be in the Tulsa area, forcing both our families to travel. Our colors are charcoal, yellow, and (of course) Tiffany blue. (bahahaha). I have the privilege of having 6 bridesmaids and 2 honorary bridesmaids, along with Chris' 6 groomsmen and 2 honorary groomsmen. My girls include my sister, Staci, Jessica, Courtney, Missy, Corey, Jennie, and Erin! I feel so honored they have each agreed to take on this task and share in my special day. I'm sorry if someone feels like they were left out, I wish I could do a 27 dress like wedding, but that just wasn't possible.
2. Chris' Ohio visit
Well...maybe this shouldn’t have been a topic. Chris came to Ohio. We drove around Ohio and West Virginia. He met my coworkers. We shopped around Columbus.  We visited a sheetz (greatest. Gas. Station. Ever.)
3. Surprise OK visit
So Chris' visit was unplanned, but I had planned with his two besties, Adonis and Jonathan to come home and surprise Chris (and interview for 3 teaching jobs). So we had an elaborate plan, where Jonathan made plans to keep Chris home and Adonis planned on picking me up from the airport. Well, wouldn't know you know, united airlines (whom I've NEVER flown a non-complicated flight with, ever) canceled my Tulsa flight while I was in Houston (please insert the new Taylor Swift song, “We are Never Ever Ever…Getting Back Together here. That’s how I feel about United Airlines). Thanks to the quick thinking of Courtney Allen and Erin Weisz, I was able to bounce united and get on an American flight. Needless to say, I had to call Chris to come and get me, since I now got in at midnight and not 8. Also, this bouncing upset united and they canceled my return flights. They heard from me... A woman scorned...Never the less, my visit was so very successful! I got offered two jobs, which cemented my plans to MOVE home! Plus I got to meet Kinley Snow!
Which leads me to #4. The new job/the move home
So during my surprise visit, I was interviewed twice for teaching positions; one for preK and one for 4th grade (I had three scheduled, but after I confirmed one, I decided not to attend the other since they were for the same district). I accepted a 4th grade position. I went back to Ohio, gave them a week's notice (the school needed me to do a bunch of paperwork), and packed one of my sister's cars up (yup, she's got two....insert eye roll here) and drove the 16 hours home. I stopped in Terra Haute, Indiana, and ate at my first white castle burger (not impressed). I also stayed the night there, and got up early to make the last leg. The weather was great, except through Indianapolis, where it rained sideways so hard I had to pull over. Pulling in my driveway was the greatest feeling ever. I cried! Thus closes my Ohio chapter.
And this blog...for now. Told you I would get multiple. ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Proposal

Well, I have a gap in work between meetings so I guess I’ll update my blog!
First, HOW ‘BOUT THEM THUNDER?!?!?!!! I hope so bad we go all the way!!

Second, I suppose I promised to blog about my engagement, so here it is. I’ve never had a candlelight, so all you Phi Mu’s start singing the song, and let it go around once, imagine me blowing the candle out, and continue reading….
Let’s see, as you already know, I got engaged to Mr. Murray while on holiday in Australia. We had a marvelous time (see prior blog to see a rundown of the events). I was hoping against all hope that he would pop that all important question on the trip. However, as the week progressed, I started believing I would be disappointed yet again. Actually, on the flight there, a nagging feeling kept telling me that it wasn’t going to happen, and to just get over it and enjoy yourself. So, I did (for the most part). I still hoped a bit, but I wasn’t going to let it shade my whole vacation.

If it was going to happen, I knew it would happen while we were in Cairns. I thought he would do it while diving or snorkeling around the reef. Well, in all actuality, that was the plan. He had the ring with him, he was ready to do it, until some shady looking hostel stayers boarded our ship. Three of them, from Sweden, looked half-baked and hung over. Plus, they smelled. Chris decided at the looks of them, he wasn’t going to be giving me this beautiful rock, and then have me put it in my bag while going back out into the water. So he scratched proposal at the reef. That night (this is Wednesday, by the way), we went to a fancy dinner, on a pier, but it was raining, and dark, and I made him visit this Night Market which made the Swedish dudes look nice. So scratch Cairns all together.
Thursday we arrived back in Sydney. We went to the wildlife park, but I was busy feeding kangaroos and koalas. My hands were disgusting. So no proposal at the park. Later that night, we were with Missy, and Chris is rather private, so he wanted to be alone. Moving on to Friday….

We toured the Opera House. This is it! He was going to do it here. Back up a tick…. Let me explain to you that this dialog is all coming from Chris after the matter. During this whole time, I am now 100% sure it is NOT going to happen. I am a bit bummed, but I was saving my frustrations for the flight home.  Ok, back to the story….Inside the opera house, during the tour. There is a spot, while touring, where you are in the front of the opera halls. The windows are floor to ceiling, the sunlight is beautiful, and no one is around. Perfect! Chris went to pull the ring out, I was turned around snapping pics, Chris is about to bend down, and BOOM. The tour guide walks around the corner with our other peeps. Chris shoves the ring back into his pocket. Afterwards, I’m anxious to meet up with Missy, and we spend the rest of the day goofing off.
Saturday morning dawns cloudy and rainy. We have the bridge climb. This is going to be the day! Haha. Poor guy. Adam takes us to Mosman Beach, and Chris thinks about doing it there, but decides no. Then we head to the Bridge Climb. Chris thinks and thinks, and decides, it’s getting done there. Except, when he’s pulling on his climb suit, he gets scared, and shoves the ring back into his backpack. Later on, during the climb, the climb guide tells us all how people propose up on top of the bridge. Chris feels like jumping off the bridge at this point. I think by now, Chris is having mild seizures. He keeps asking how long we are going to be here or there, what the plan is, when are we going somewhere…I don’t notice. We tour the city lights then head to the Kirribillie Club for dinner. After dinner, Chris tells me he wants to tour Luna Park. I say ok, and invite Missy and Adam along. However, Chris somehow, I thought rather rudely, excuses them from going. We walked around the Park, rode the ferris wheel, and left. I was ready to go back to Missy’s to start packing. But Chris had other plans. He wanted to walk around under the bridge, around the harbor. We stopped at a point where the lights from Luna Park are behind you, the bridge is to your right, and the opera house is all lit up across the harbor. He wraps his arms around me. I’m just staring at the lights, and this is our dialog:

Chris: It sure is pretty here.
Tiffany: Yes, it is. <sighs because it’s about time to go home>
Chris: Not as pretty as you.

Tiffany: <snorts very unlady-like> oh yeah?
Chris: I’m serious.

Tiffany: Ok. <rolls eyes, maybe snorts again, giggles, something not romantic>
Chris: I have something to give you. I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a few days now.

Tiffany: Oh yeah? What is it?
Chris: <stares at Tiffany. Maybe sending some sort of ESP messages, I don’t know>

Tiffany: Are you gonna give it to me?
Chris: <gets down on one knee, pulls out little white ring box, opens box, light comes on in box>

Tiffany: <tears start to pour down face, cannot look away from Chris>

Chris: Will you marry me?
Tiffany: Yes!!! <flings arms around Chris, who attempts to place the ring on her finger, but it’s too small>

And there you have it! We kissed like a movie scene, heard some people murmuring behind us, and headed back to Missy’s, where I barged into her bathroom while she was peeing just to show her. It was everything I could have asked for! So now begins the joy of wedding planning. Our date is somewhere between April 1 and June 1, 2013. Looks like my dirty 30 will be magical!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Australian Holiday

So, I’ve been on a two month hiatus, and I apologize for that, not that anything interesting has happened, except for in the last week and especially the last 24 hours.
So last Friday, Chris and I left for Australia! Here is the rundown of each of our days:

Friday: Boarded airplane bound for Salt Lake City, then LA, then Australia.

Saturday: This day got lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

Sunday: Arrived in Sydney bright and early. Caught a cab to Missy’s. Showered. Ferried over to Circular Quay (pronounced “key”, Americans). We observed the sights and sounds of the Quay, including the Opera House, Aboriginal music, different sculptures and light displays, etc. Took a motor boat tour of the all the nooks and crannies of the harbor, ate some delicious pub food and beers!  

Monday: Chris and I took a ferry to Manly beach. BEAUTIFUL. We walked up down the streets there, stumbled upon a pub called Murray’s. They were closed though. Ate our first fish and chips (yummy, and I don’t typically like fish). Rode the ferry to Chinatown. Toured the Chinese gardens (sooo peaceful), and Chinatown. Had the best ever spring rolls and wontons I’ve ever eaten. Met Missy at home for some pizza.

Tuesday: Chris and I had a pork roll for breakfast. It was a bit much for me, so I only ate half. Then we boarded the plane for Cairns and Great Barrier Reef. Arrived in Cairns and got a cab tour of the town. Ate dinner, and went to bed early because we had an early start the next day.

Wednesday: 7am pick up for the Great Barrier Reef. We ate breakfast aboard the ship. We had an awesome crew telling us about the reef’s ecosystem, wildlife, how to snorkel and scuba dive, etc. We snorkeled and I took a zillion pictures! We ate lunch aboard too. Snorkeled some more then had wine and cheese and crackers on our way back. We ate a super nice dinner on the harbor of Cairns. Shopped the Night Market (do not recommend…scary).

Thursday: Arrived back in Sydney. Took the train, then a bus to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Played with some wallabies, fed some kangaroos, petted some koalas and goats, watched a dingo getting fed, and saw a million birds. Chris fell in love with wombats. We met Missy back for some Thai food. I tried duck for the first time. LOVED IT.

Friday: Opera House Tour. Then met Missy for lunch at Darling Harbor. We shopped then headed to her old stomping grounds, Chatswood. Purchased my opal ring! Got a lot of souvenir gifts, including tam tams and chicken salt. Also had some delicious sushi, ice cream, and sugar cane juice. Then we met Adam for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, with real Mexican working it (take that, Ohio!)! Their drinks were a little weak, but the food was great!

Saturday: Went to Mosman Beach, the climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge! That was amazing!!!! It was raining a bit, so that was a downer, but we had a great time anyway. Walked around the Ciruclar Quay that evening to observe the Vivid Sydney festival. All the buildings had great lighting designs, even the Opera house. Then ate dinner. Adam and Missy went back to her apartment, while Chris and I explored Luna Park. Then looked out over the harbor and the bridge and the opera house and the skyline. And THEN CHRIS ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll leave that story for the next blog. J

Sunday: Left Australia for home. L I almost cried on my way down the lift at Missy’s. Except, I kept looking at my ENGAGEMENT RING. I still cannot believe it.

All in all: BEST HOLIDAY/VACATION EVER! I will never forget this dream vacation. I loved every minute of it. Thanks to Courtney and Jennie and Missy for helping me plan events, Missy for letting us crash on your floor, and Adam for being the tour guide to us crazy Americans!  
More pictures will be posted on FB! Soon, hopefully! I have like 500 though...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I need to get on the blogging ball!

Well, I’m starting my third work here in Ohio. Not much has changed. It has gotten warmer, but it rains every day, still. I think I need to get used to this. Oh well.

I say third week since last week I got to spend it blissfully in Oklahoma, at home! It was wonderful. I just love that feeling of jumping into Chris’ arms when I walk through the door, not to mention the spaz-stic behavior Tyson exhibited when I breezed in after a two week absence. He wanted to sit in the bathroom while I showered, but that weirded me out, so I put him on the bed, where I think he sat the entire time, waiting!

Monday, I got home, to hurricane like rain. That weather continued on Tuesday. My neighborhood and surrounding roads were flooding. I spent Tuesday inside, reading and moving some work files. Tuesday night some friends of ours met us for dinner at the new Sushi bar in Owasso. (Akira=delicious!!!)

Wednesday , I went and visited my bestie, Staci. We talked wedding plans and got some lunch. She showed me the changes she’s made to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the fabric sample, etc. She’s getting them specially made, which ended up being cheaper than simply having us pick something out at a bridal store (we won't have to get them altered, he going to fit them straight to us). I love the dress! It is totally wearable again! It is one shouldered, above the knee, and so flattering. I can’t wait to wear it on her big day!

Thursday and Friday I worked some more. Friday afternoon I spent with Courtney and Jennie doing our Froyo thing! Camden was present, as well as the future little girl Snowflake! I love that my friends have or are having children. I can live vicariously through them! I still don’t know that I’ll ever be a mom to more than Tyson, but I can certainly play and spoil everyone else’s kiddos!

Saturday, Chris and I both got pedicures, then got some happy hour drinks. (I wish I could upload the pics of Chris getting his done. I texted them to Courtney and Erin, laughing the whole time. I was specifically forbidden to post any pictures of him on facebook. I had to delete them from my phone too :( ) We made friends with the Red Robin bartender, Mandy, and we ended up spending 3 hours there. They have a skinny Absolut vodka freckled lemonade and it is divine! 80 calories for a whole glass? Yes please.

Sunday was house work and lawn work day. Then it was Monday again, and I was packing to leave. Jessica and I met for lunch, and I got to love all over Alexander.  He’s such a flirt! My sister showed up, spent the night, and bright and early yesterday (Tuesday) morning, we left to come back to West Virgina (for those I confuse; Stephanie lives on the WV/OH border. She lives in WV, but we work in OH).

Now I’m at work, waiting for my sister to return to take me back to her place. I’m done for the day. I am currently on the hunt for a Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote in Suzani. I need a bag that fits my big a$$ laptop in. And I’m done with carrying my purse and work bag. So a bigger bag = less baggage for me! Lol.

Ok, that’s it for now! I get to come back home in a week from tomorrow!!!!! I’m flying this time, and will return on the following Monday.

PS-I believe everyone should get a lifeproof iPhone case. Its amazing! I can’t wait to take it to Australia (which has been decided, we will be visiting from May 25 to June 2!!!!)  and take amazing pictures, UNDERWATER, with it. I convinced Courtney! They’re great!!   

Monday, March 12, 2012

One week down...

Ok, I’ve been here for one week now. Here are some of the things I’ve come across.

1.      It takes forever to get anywhere in this part of the country. Everything is far apart, up (or down) a winding road, through a mountain and forest region. Maybe when spring is finally sprung, it will look pretty. And there are dead animals all over the road. And lots of Chinese take-out….ick.

2.      There are Dairy Queens everywhere. It makes me continually want a dip cone.

3.      People here think Oklahoma must be somewhere near Japan. I constantly get asked how long the plane ride is (uhhhh, 3 hours, duhh).

4.      Everyone talks funny. And I know funny! They talk really slow too. It’s almost like a slow, southern accent with flares of the East.  

5.      You must specify country gravy or else you get brown or chicken gravy. Those two DO NOT taste good on French fries or chicken strips.

6.      It rains a lot. And it lasts all days.

7.      There are Amish people all over the place. And they interest the hell out of me.

8.      Facetime is the best invention ever. I’ve gotten to talk to Courtney Allen, Corey Shelh, and Chris Murray! It’s fabulous!

9.      Brick houses are not the norm here. Mostly just wood paneled or modular type. Every so often you’ll see a brick house, and I always think, you’re the one everyone runs to when those twisters hit, right?

10.   There are not enough Targets in this area. And Mexican food is not authentic if you don’t have a Hispanic person working for you. Sorry, Charlie. There is just something about little old Hispanic ladies making my tortillas that just makes it that much better.

11.   I never have cell phone reception when I’m out on the job. Dang those Amish for not letting ATT put a tower on their land!!! What if I break down? Will you all even know how to help me? Please don’t kidnap me! Or try to recruit me as new breeding stock. I’m not a future Mrs. Yoder, that’s for sure.

So, surprisingly, I’ve survived my first week. I’ve seen a LOT of pretty buildings and country side. I can’t wait for the Amish to open up for the spring and summer season so I can purchase their goods. They literally have road side stands that you can order bread from on Monday, and pick up on Tuesday. It is also cheaper to have your house built by the Amish (thus the lack of stone or brick houses).

The worse part, other than being away from Chris, all my friends, and my family, is that the people here live in a totally different socioeconomic culture than I do. Say what you will about Oil and Gas Companies. These people need these oil leases. BAD. I went to into one client’s house, and it was a beautiful 100+ year old farm house. It was last updated in 1950s, minus the oven range from 1982. These people are hard factory type workers, and I pray that they receive the benefits from signing these gas leases. They definitely need it. It has certainly humbled me.  

Now for some good news: I get to come home for a week next week! I should arrive back in T-Town sometime Monday. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I can’t wait. My poor dog was sick all last week. Chris said he thought it was because Tyson was so focused on waiting for me to come home. Every time he would hear a car door slam or a horn honk, he would perk up and stare at the front door. Apparently he wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom with Chris, but he slept on the couch, waiting. That broke my heart into a million pictures.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll update more later. Thanks for everyone being so supportive about me coming out here! I appreciate your love and kind words!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well friends, it’s official. On Sunday I will be leaving for Columbus, Ohio. My sister will pick me up and drive me to Mineral Wells, West Virginia, where Monday morning I will report to work in some God forsaken town in Ohio. The next time I will be in Oklahoma for an extended amount of time will be in 60 days, and I will be home for a week. This certainly does not mean I won’t be coming home on random weekends. Or that Chris won’t make the trip up there. It just plain sucks. But there is no work for me here. This is supposed to last for a maximum of 6 months. However, I want all my teacher friends out there to tell me when there are openings at their schools. I will do all in my power to become a teacher again!!

Ugh. I just have no motivation to do anything. I almost cried at the grocery store yesterday. I couldn’t buy a lot. I don’t know what Chris will want to eat next week. I won’t be there to fix anything for him. For some reason, that made me really upset. I think the Reasor’s meat man was afraid I was about to lose it while trying to purchase some ground beef!

We haven’t decided if I will take Tyson with me. I want to, but I think on my initial trip out there, I may not have enough room for him. I will have two giant suitcases, plus my carry on, plus a dog. We will see. I’ve already talked to my veterinarian, aka good friend Heather, and she’s getting his vaccine records and health certificate ready. Chris and I are torn though. I know that I want Tyson to have something precious from home, and I know Chris wants Tyson because he reminds him of me so much. Maybe we’ll take turns.

I should actually be back in OKC on March 18. My good friend Gina is having her baby shower. 

But I will be back for Easter. It’s my grandma’s 80th birthday. And Chris and I haven’t even talked about Australia. I’m going to try to work it where I will leave for Australia the week after I’m in OK for a week. Now I just realized I had a dentist appointment in April. Ahhhh.
At least I’ll be close to some pretty cool locals. And Meredith Purdum-Jones is excited that I will now only be 5 hours away from her.

I just cannot get excited about this. Maybe it will be better when I actually arrive there. Maybe it will go by fast. Maybe Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas will open back up with leasing. Then I could teleport home pronto.

Geez, this is the saddest blog I’ve ever made. Sorry friends. Once I get there, I will post pictures of weird Ohio things. Or where ever I happen to be. That might make things a bit more bearable.

I think I’m bummed because next Thursday is my anniversary. Four years. I’ve never gone longer than 4 days without seeing Chris Murray. That’s the utmost hardest part. And I totally rocked the anniversary present this year! I won’t even get to benefit from it until Lord knows when! Blah. I guess we will have facetime dates every night. I hope everyone wants to facetime me! Or skype. I have both! I decided I should join google+ so that all my friends and I can chat. But I don’t know if that is any different than skype.

Well, so now, I’ve announced it on my blog. I gotta tell me email group. And then I’ll make the facebook announcement. I need to call a few more people too. If I haven’t called or texted you yet, I’m getting there. The shock hasn’t worn off yet though.

On a brighter note, I’ve started reading The Help. Thus far, it’s pretty good. (I’m only on chapter 6) If anyone would like to read it with me and my cousin, we have started our own book club. Currently there are 3 people. But the more the merrier! We will have skype discussions or facetime ones. Or google+.

That’s it. That’s all, for now. I’ll update more later. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I suck at this blogging thing.
My life is simply not interesting.
I have no children.
If you follow me on instagram, you know I obsessively take pictures of my dog.
My boyfriend and I aren’t planning a wedding.
My job still wants me to move to Ohio.

Oh yeah, there’s that elephant again…Hey Ohio. Did you miss me? Yeah, I wish I could say that same about you…………………………………………..

I was told yesterday I probably needed to go there. This time though, I told them moving was out of the question. I will travel. I will go to smelly Ohio (ok, I don’t know if it really smells there, so please take no offense, Ohioians [oh geez, is that what they’re called??? Ohioites? Bah]). I will stay in smelly Ohio for a week or two or three. BUT I WILL NOT LIVE THERE. I must be able to come home every few weeks. PERIOD.

So who will hire me to private tutor or home school their child(ren) when I have to quit? Hey, if I stay in OK, it’s for you all, my friends! Just kidding, it’s for you, too, Chris. J

In other news, Chris and I celebrated our first real valentine’s day together. Yes, it was actually our fourth, but I hate that holiday. Every day we should be showered with love and affection. Every day we should let the other know how we truly appreciate them and how much they mean to us. Yeah, but it doesn’t happen like that. I think Valentines’ Day was actually invented by some pissed off lady. Her husband was probably lazy and smelly, riding his horse all day, shooting ducks, playing billiards (yes, I read a lot of historical romances, so sue me), and completely forgot to give his lady love some sugar. Probably forgot her birthday or something. So she invented this holiday to make her man tell her how much he loves her. Which, is genius, however, not everyone can stomach that gooey romantic crap. (I only can in novel form). I feel bad because I think Chris truly wants to tell or show me how much he loves me. So this year, I said, LET THY CELEBRATION, BEGIN! Oh, and I made him a bouquet. A beer bouquet! There were 12 specialty beers, placed in a tin pail vase of shelled peanuts (instead of water…like flowers are in). There was a card and some candy as well, in addition to two OKC Thunder basketball tickets. Yes, it was amazing. I rocked it. But Mr. Murray has to upstage me. He brought home a dozen of the most beautiful red roses I’ve ever seen in my life! The last time he gave me flowers was on our first date! And they were pink carnations because he told the flower lady I was a Phi Mu (He claims he bought me a house with a flower bed and rose bushes, so there are my flowers….). I also got a mani/pedi gift certificate and an Amazon gift card. Plus a card, that (disgustingly) made me cry. And he delivered a card to me from Tyson. I made him this fabulous dinner and dessert. And then we cuddled on the couch. (sorry if some of you just threw up in your mouth a little…I would have too).

Isn’t it sad when the most exciting thing in your life was a week ago today?  Eh, what ya gonna do?

To wrap things up, Friday night we went to a Thunder game (not the Vday present game, a different game his friend gave us tickets to). Saturday I helped host the Tulsa Alumnae’s Heart-to-Heart Phi Mu event with some of the EN collegiate members and their mothers. That night we went out with Corey and Mike for dinner and piano bar. Sunday we lounged around. I talked to Staci for about 3 hours on the phone. Today, I spent with Ansley getting my car inspected and taking her to McDonalds. Two year olds and McDonalds. Now there’s an experience.

I feel like going shopping. I feel like doing a pinterest project. Instead of eating when I’m mad, I now do artsy crafty stuff. Or simply go spend money. Kirklands is having a big sale. And the one in Owasso is next door to Pier 1 and Old Navy…..later!       

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow day

Oh epic fail of a snowy day! I suppose I’m now spoiled to 26” of snowfall when I hear the words “wintery mix”. I am rather disappointed that at 4:30pm, the snow is pretty much gone. I looks like it is raining from my vantage point. (So I just tried to take a picture for you all to see, however, you can’t see the water dripping off my roof, so scratch that idea…) I actually got out and went to pick up Chris’ Valentines’ Day present (well the rest of it). And I can hear my critics now! “But Tiffany, you hate Valentines’ Day” and “I thought you all didn’t participate in this holiday”. Well guess what, buckos, this year, I guess I am celebrating it.  :p  Last year, Chris got me something, and I about died of embarrassment because I didn’t get him anything because I’ve expressively told him how ridiculous this holiday is. AHHHH! So this year, I’m not going to have a repeat… I think this hatred stems from the many years I did not have a Valentine… Nah, that can’t be it…Anyway. I caved. I bought into the whole “holiday buying” scheme Hallmark and Hershey have set up. Bah humbug! I would share with you all what I got him, however, the one day he reads my blog will be TODAY. So, you can wait for tomorrow and I will try to figure out how to post a picture to this thing. Or if you need ideas for the burly man (or hey, maybe you have a burly girl, whatever) in your life, text me.

Here is a wrap of the events that transpired last week: Monday, NOTHING. We recovered from the Super Bowl party. I went to the doctor (100% clean bill of health) and Stillwater. Tuesday, I had Ansley. Tyson had to get dental cleaning, which in turn turned into a tooth extraction, which is now why he is on antibiotics. He also got his nails clipped and anal glands expressed (he was in a great mood when he got home…). Wednesday, I had to go to Jenks to work with my boss. NO OHIO FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE!!!!!!! Thursday, I had Ansley again. And Friday, I simply worked, did laundry, and went grocery shopping.

This weekend was GREAT! Saturday Jessica, Corey, and I went to Tulsa’s Women’s Expo. We had a flipping blast! We got so much free stuff, and spent a ton of money as well. All exhibitors were geared towards girly things! I purchased some ear muffs, two bottles of wine, some gourmet pasta noodles, and some brushetta tapenade. Oh yeah, and this all natural, gluten free, msg free BBQ sauce! The pasta noodles are made with the garlic and basil in the dough. That will be our Valentines dinner (oh I think I just threw up in my mouth a little for uttering those words) with grilled chicken. I also got my eye brows waxed. And I got to hold Xander. We all went to a very very late lunch afterwards. Later that night, Chris and I went to Savastono’s in Bixby for some yummy Chicago style deep dish. We then stopped by Target for Breaking Dawn part 1 (Chris wanted it, I swear ;) and crock pot liners (never cook in your crock pot without them). I also ended up buying Tyson a new collar. (Hey, I had to make up for Tuesday!)

Sunday I went to a body wrap party. Yeah, not buying into it. If you want my real opinion, please call me. I will freely give them to you. Corey and Jessica got to hear all about it! Afterwards, Corey, Mike, Chris and I all went to dinner and just visited the evening away. Then it was time to come home and get ready for our “wintery mix” aka dusting of snow that was almost all gone by the time I got up at 7:30. Ok, maybe it wasn’t gone that early, but it sure seemed like we were missing an inch (or 12).

So this should suffice for another week, right? J I’m so getting the hang of this blogging thing!! ;)   

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend Update...last weekend....

On my quest to update this dad-gum thing more, I guess I could update on my past weekend…It was rather eventful….ok so maybe it wasn’t…

I can’t even begin to remember Friday. Oh wait, that was the day I couldn’t motivate myself to work. Yeah, I probably didn’t do anything. I bet it was a no make-up day.

Saturday I went shopping with my cousin Jessica. I ended up spending about $90 at Barnes and Nobles. Now, I know what you all are thinking…and yes…I do own a Kindle. HOWEVER, there are some books that one MUST own in actual book form. Like the $8 complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. And the 5th Harry Potter in hardback because your paperback version isn’t for display (same goes for Harry Potter 7 except, you want your hardback for display only and the paperback for reading). That night Chris and I went to Mike’s birthday party planned by his lovely wife (and great great friend of mine) Corey! We ate at El Guapo (great Mexican food), and shared a pitcher of Sangria (BEST SANGRIA IN TULSA, HANDS DOWN! And I know my sangria). Then we traveled over to The Maxx Retropub and Arcade. This place is amazing! It is all decked out in 80s and 90s stuff. One wall has cassette tapes covering it. All the ads and tvs are from my childhood. And their drinks have great throwback names!! You even have to trade your dollars in for tokens. We played skeeball several times while the boys traveled around playing the arcade games. We ended our night at Woody’s (formally Dirty’s). It was a great evening!! We also discussed Ohio with Corey and Mike, since they are both East Coasters. My “stay in OK” contingency would not like their opinions on the Ohio topic…

Sunday was spent Super Bowling it up! Oh yeah! :p I was so happy to get to hang out with some great friends, and eat some great grub! It didn’t even throw off my WW points! I’ve definitely learned that smaller portions are the way to go! Sunday also happened to be the day, four years ago, that I met Mr. Murray. He was standing in the garage of my friend Natalie’s house. Natalie’s husband (named Chris also) was smoking and introduced me as “his babysitter”. Then I corrected him and said “his girls’ babysitter”. I remember he was wearing a blue wool zip-up hoodie. I don’t know why I remember that. I didn’t even know his first name wasn’t Murray until I actually was set up with him…

Chris had Monday off, in which, he put himself to NO USE. (when I came home from STW, I was not a happy camper when I saw all the housework he DIDN’T get done) I had a doctor’s appointment and FBM in Stillwater. Did you know that if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and you get your annual woman’s checkup from your family physician, it’s free? Yes! It’s considered a wellness exam, and those exams are covered by BCBS! I also got my first ever blood test done (where they tested my thyroid, glucose, iron, cholesterol, etc). I had the best nurse ever take my blood! I couldn’t even feel anything! Now, I almost passed out when I saw my blood in the test tubes…I swear, I can dissect any animal, watch anything bloody or gory in real life, as long as it isn’t my own blood. There is something about it coming out of me that just makes me feel all faint inside. Jane Austen got nothing on my swoons! ;)

That’s enough for now. I’ll update tomorrow with the happenings of this week. Or will I? Mahahahaha! Just kidding. I probably have nothing better to do…except work….

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why you should never work from home...

So the downfall of working from home is that I easily find things to help me avoid working. Now, these tasks seem super important at the time, however, they usually end up causing me to have to work at night, which simply sucks. But I just can’t find the power to work today…here is the reason why:

Last night I went to OKC to have dinner with my best friend Staci. We have been friends since 5th grade, and best friends since 7th. She recently got engaged (after 10 years…something Chris and I ARE NOT striving for…). Her big day is December 1, 2012!! She has asked me to be a bridesmaid, and got me the cutest gift! Staci is incredibly crafty and creative. She is going to design her whole wedding herself, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with (then hire her for mine). Well, I got to the city (yes, I’m from OKC, thus THE CITY = OKC. Always.) at around 5:30. We headed to dinner, and proceeded to stay there for like 3 hours! Then we went back to her place, where her fiancĂ© came home from working (at 10), and I still hadn’t left yet! We talked some more, and I finally left at 10:30 last night. That put me pulling into my driveway at exactly 12:28. Of course I was now wide awake from driving (and drinking probably a gallon of iced tea…unsweet), so I stayed awake until 2. I tried to sleep on the couch, since I knew Chris’ alarm would be going off at 3:30, and I didn’t want to wake him. That didn’t work. So when I heard Chris go into the bathroom, I high-tailed it to the bed. I was probably asleep before I hit the pillow. So I figured, oh I’ll wake up around 10. UMMM, NO. I got up at 7:45. Thus begins my work avoidance routine:

1.       I did some cardio for 40 minutes. I skipped yoga today. Fail.
2.       I ate breakfast.
3.       I played on facebook.
4.       I played on pinterest.
5.       I started laundry.
6.       I moved the living room furniture.
7.       I watched it rain.
8.       I vacuumed.
9.       I shampooed the living room’s carpet.
10.   I folded laundry.
11.   I stripped both beds of their sheets and started that laundry.
12.   I remade the master bedroom’s bed.
13.   I watched it rain some more.
14.   I watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman.
15.   I’m updating my blog.

So now, I must either decide to shower now or start working. Once I shower though, I have to work. My boss comes back from West Virginia (where he’s been with my sister) today. He’s going to want to see my work. And I need to finish it. But. I. Can’t. Strike that…I. Don’t. Want. To.

Wait, I just noticed something. I haven’t updated my twitter in a while. And I need to check my email. Never the less, I will avoid another 30 minutes of work. Bahahaha! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures in babysitting

So on Mondays and Tuesdays I babysit our friends' two year old. Her name is Ansley Dawn. And she is the cutest, most precious 2 year old that I know!

I always try to do fun things with her, like coloring and writing her name. She loves playing with her baby dolls, so we do a lot of "feedings" and "diaper changing" for baby. She also loves books. At 2, she can successfully, and appropriately, turn the pages of a paper book, without creasing or tearing. (so proud). I have also introduced her to the Disney Channel, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille (she is obsessed with rats and fish...and my dog).  We always eat lunch like we're "on a picnic"; i.e. I lay out a blanket and we munch and talk about what Tyson is doing. Then we (scratch that, she takes) take a nap, and if she gets up before mom comes, we go to the park. She has amazing gross motor skills already!

However, she wears me out! It is especially hard when I have to work after she leaves, and all I want to do is nap. And I still gag on baby poop. It's sooooo, soooo, I don't know. SMELLY! I just pray she never pukes. I cannot deal with puke. At all. I can't even think about it without shivering...

I feel like babysitting and being around all my other friends kiddos (i.e. Camden and Xander and the future Snow Flake) is preparing me for one of two things: 1) motherhood or 2) the favorite aunt to all. :) I don't know which I would rather be....something to think about later on....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's give this another shot

Ok, I'm going to try this blogging thing again.

But nothing has changed! Well except my job. And my possible home address.

Yes, my new job wants me to move to Ohio. Is is possible for Oklahomans to live in Ohio? In another state with an OSU, but their colors aren't America's Brightest Orange? Another state that is known for agriculture, but not beef cattle? I don't think so. I DON'T THINK SO.

After fro-yo Monday with Jennie and Courtney, I've discovered many reasons why I cannot possibly live in Ohio. First off, what if that ever elusive engagement ring finds itself upon my finger? How could I possibly plan a wedding in Tulsa via Ohio? Second, I have three friends pregnant right now. It would be highly inconvenient for them to have their babies in Ohio. Third, despite 105 degree summers, I enjoy being a pool bum. And the pool is practically in my backyard. There are a million more reasons why this cannot happen until the fall of 2013. Yes, I will be getting married in the spring of 2013, or else. Seriously.

So, I've decided to ignore Ohio. I'm sure you're a great state. But I can't think about you right now. I have bigger, shiner things to worry about. Like making sure Chris knows I wear a size 8 on my ring finger....