Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow day

Oh epic fail of a snowy day! I suppose I’m now spoiled to 26” of snowfall when I hear the words “wintery mix”. I am rather disappointed that at 4:30pm, the snow is pretty much gone. I looks like it is raining from my vantage point. (So I just tried to take a picture for you all to see, however, you can’t see the water dripping off my roof, so scratch that idea…) I actually got out and went to pick up Chris’ Valentines’ Day present (well the rest of it). And I can hear my critics now! “But Tiffany, you hate Valentines’ Day” and “I thought you all didn’t participate in this holiday”. Well guess what, buckos, this year, I guess I am celebrating it.  :p  Last year, Chris got me something, and I about died of embarrassment because I didn’t get him anything because I’ve expressively told him how ridiculous this holiday is. AHHHH! So this year, I’m not going to have a repeat… I think this hatred stems from the many years I did not have a Valentine… Nah, that can’t be it…Anyway. I caved. I bought into the whole “holiday buying” scheme Hallmark and Hershey have set up. Bah humbug! I would share with you all what I got him, however, the one day he reads my blog will be TODAY. So, you can wait for tomorrow and I will try to figure out how to post a picture to this thing. Or if you need ideas for the burly man (or hey, maybe you have a burly girl, whatever) in your life, text me.

Here is a wrap of the events that transpired last week: Monday, NOTHING. We recovered from the Super Bowl party. I went to the doctor (100% clean bill of health) and Stillwater. Tuesday, I had Ansley. Tyson had to get dental cleaning, which in turn turned into a tooth extraction, which is now why he is on antibiotics. He also got his nails clipped and anal glands expressed (he was in a great mood when he got home…). Wednesday, I had to go to Jenks to work with my boss. NO OHIO FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE!!!!!!! Thursday, I had Ansley again. And Friday, I simply worked, did laundry, and went grocery shopping.

This weekend was GREAT! Saturday Jessica, Corey, and I went to Tulsa’s Women’s Expo. We had a flipping blast! We got so much free stuff, and spent a ton of money as well. All exhibitors were geared towards girly things! I purchased some ear muffs, two bottles of wine, some gourmet pasta noodles, and some brushetta tapenade. Oh yeah, and this all natural, gluten free, msg free BBQ sauce! The pasta noodles are made with the garlic and basil in the dough. That will be our Valentines dinner (oh I think I just threw up in my mouth a little for uttering those words) with grilled chicken. I also got my eye brows waxed. And I got to hold Xander. We all went to a very very late lunch afterwards. Later that night, Chris and I went to Savastono’s in Bixby for some yummy Chicago style deep dish. We then stopped by Target for Breaking Dawn part 1 (Chris wanted it, I swear ;) and crock pot liners (never cook in your crock pot without them). I also ended up buying Tyson a new collar. (Hey, I had to make up for Tuesday!)

Sunday I went to a body wrap party. Yeah, not buying into it. If you want my real opinion, please call me. I will freely give them to you. Corey and Jessica got to hear all about it! Afterwards, Corey, Mike, Chris and I all went to dinner and just visited the evening away. Then it was time to come home and get ready for our “wintery mix” aka dusting of snow that was almost all gone by the time I got up at 7:30. Ok, maybe it wasn’t gone that early, but it sure seemed like we were missing an inch (or 12).

So this should suffice for another week, right? J I’m so getting the hang of this blogging thing!! ;)   

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  1. you were all the way down my way, at Savastano's in Bixby and YOU NEVER TOLD ME? You are SO fired.

    Body wrap? Ridiculous.