Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well friends, it’s official. On Sunday I will be leaving for Columbus, Ohio. My sister will pick me up and drive me to Mineral Wells, West Virginia, where Monday morning I will report to work in some God forsaken town in Ohio. The next time I will be in Oklahoma for an extended amount of time will be in 60 days, and I will be home for a week. This certainly does not mean I won’t be coming home on random weekends. Or that Chris won’t make the trip up there. It just plain sucks. But there is no work for me here. This is supposed to last for a maximum of 6 months. However, I want all my teacher friends out there to tell me when there are openings at their schools. I will do all in my power to become a teacher again!!

Ugh. I just have no motivation to do anything. I almost cried at the grocery store yesterday. I couldn’t buy a lot. I don’t know what Chris will want to eat next week. I won’t be there to fix anything for him. For some reason, that made me really upset. I think the Reasor’s meat man was afraid I was about to lose it while trying to purchase some ground beef!

We haven’t decided if I will take Tyson with me. I want to, but I think on my initial trip out there, I may not have enough room for him. I will have two giant suitcases, plus my carry on, plus a dog. We will see. I’ve already talked to my veterinarian, aka good friend Heather, and she’s getting his vaccine records and health certificate ready. Chris and I are torn though. I know that I want Tyson to have something precious from home, and I know Chris wants Tyson because he reminds him of me so much. Maybe we’ll take turns.

I should actually be back in OKC on March 18. My good friend Gina is having her baby shower. 

But I will be back for Easter. It’s my grandma’s 80th birthday. And Chris and I haven’t even talked about Australia. I’m going to try to work it where I will leave for Australia the week after I’m in OK for a week. Now I just realized I had a dentist appointment in April. Ahhhh.
At least I’ll be close to some pretty cool locals. And Meredith Purdum-Jones is excited that I will now only be 5 hours away from her.

I just cannot get excited about this. Maybe it will be better when I actually arrive there. Maybe it will go by fast. Maybe Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas will open back up with leasing. Then I could teleport home pronto.

Geez, this is the saddest blog I’ve ever made. Sorry friends. Once I get there, I will post pictures of weird Ohio things. Or where ever I happen to be. That might make things a bit more bearable.

I think I’m bummed because next Thursday is my anniversary. Four years. I’ve never gone longer than 4 days without seeing Chris Murray. That’s the utmost hardest part. And I totally rocked the anniversary present this year! I won’t even get to benefit from it until Lord knows when! Blah. I guess we will have facetime dates every night. I hope everyone wants to facetime me! Or skype. I have both! I decided I should join google+ so that all my friends and I can chat. But I don’t know if that is any different than skype.

Well, so now, I’ve announced it on my blog. I gotta tell me email group. And then I’ll make the facebook announcement. I need to call a few more people too. If I haven’t called or texted you yet, I’m getting there. The shock hasn’t worn off yet though.

On a brighter note, I’ve started reading The Help. Thus far, it’s pretty good. (I’m only on chapter 6) If anyone would like to read it with me and my cousin, we have started our own book club. Currently there are 3 people. But the more the merrier! We will have skype discussions or facetime ones. Or google+.

That’s it. That’s all, for now. I’ll update more later. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood. 


  1. This is so sad! On a positive note, one of my best friends is from Ohio and thinks that it's the best state ever. Honestly, I know several people from there and all think it's wonderful! Regardless.....don't stay too long! ;)

  2. You'll make the most of it!! Ohio can't be all that bad, I mean there are OSU and OU schools there too! Keep looking on the bright side!