Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update while Dad's out!

Chris is in OKC tonight cheering our Thunder boys to victory, so Tyson and I are cuddled up on the couch, watching a marthon of the Big Bang Theory. Plus, I promised some ladies I would get better at doing this, so this is my attempt.

Fourth Grade is still fabulous, for the most part. I dealt with an absolute melt down of a student today, though. He was completely distraught because he lost his recess for not following hallway procedures. Life's tough, friend, but really? A complete melt down over recess? It's only 10 minutes long!!

On the wedding front, we are down to a little more than 5 months, people. I have a preacher now. I have selected (but not ordered yet) invitations. Our registries are done. I need a florist. The bridesmaids jewelry is all done. I just finished designing the guest book. I need to pick out suits for the boys. I talked to the caterer, and she invited me (and Chris, I suppose) to a tasting. I'm still trying to find cake designs I like. So, things are still movin' and shakin', I suppose.

And now for some bragging news...

Not many of you know this, but in January I started Weight Watchers with Jessica. I was sick of my clothes being tight. I was sick of feeling uncomfortable and, let's face it, FAT. I was just done with it. So, with Jessica's encouragement and help, I started WW. I got into working out everyday, and watching my food intake and points. I continued following WW while I worked in Ohio all summer. I started running for the first time since high school. I got a coworker hooked on doing WW. When I came back to Oklahoma, I kept on it. I inspired two friends to get on the WW train. My workout routine has fizzled, but I continue to watch my points. I have pretty much experienced a life style change. I understand food, portion control, and my needs better. I am happy to report, that after 10 months, I have lost....50 lbs. I have reached my goal weight, however, I have lowered it again by another 20. I hope to lose that 20 and start weight lifting by my wedding day. Now, I'm pretty realistic, so I'm not going to starve myself just to do it. I'm just going to continue with what I'm doing. I don't deprive myself. I don't punish myself. I simply control what I'm eating. You can ask some of my friends. I'm pretty picky these days, but I'm not a freak! I have never felt better. I don't get heart burn like I used to. All my clothes are too big. I wore tights as pants, to work, for the first time EVER! So, go me! (Ok, I'm done with my bragging)

This weekend I will be in Dallas celebrating my best friend from high school's bachelorette party! She is getting married in 2 weeks in El Reno. I'm really excited for her! The happy couple has been together since we were seniors in high 11 years!!

Ok, that's enough! Later gators!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My ponderings...

As I lay here in bed on this Sunday evening, I have several things on my mind. How will I ever accomplish them? Well, I suppose making a list is a good starting place.....

1. Get stuff for Staci's bachelorette party in two weeks.
2. Order wedding invitations.
3. Order save the dates (still up in the air on this one)
4. Find cake server and knife and toasting flutes
5. Lesson plan
6. Change my core curriculum standards around
7. Ugh, I forgot to change my class's line order!
8. Start Christmas shopping
9. Continue losing weight. Perhaps I need to suck it up and wake up at 4:30 and get back to working out...
10. Reduce my invite list
11. Order engagement pictures
12. Decide what to get my class for their "holiday" present
13. Get my eye brows waxed
14. Get opinions on bikini waxes...maybe
15. Get wedding gift for Chris and staci. Yeah, three of my besties are with Chris'...
16. Schedule my Caterer's "tasting" meeting...oh I can't wait!
17. stop adding things to this list.

No wonder I never sleep with a lick!! I shall leave you with the wonderfully flattering shot my dear fiancée took of me last night. Love him...