Sunday, November 4, 2012

My ponderings...

As I lay here in bed on this Sunday evening, I have several things on my mind. How will I ever accomplish them? Well, I suppose making a list is a good starting place.....

1. Get stuff for Staci's bachelorette party in two weeks.
2. Order wedding invitations.
3. Order save the dates (still up in the air on this one)
4. Find cake server and knife and toasting flutes
5. Lesson plan
6. Change my core curriculum standards around
7. Ugh, I forgot to change my class's line order!
8. Start Christmas shopping
9. Continue losing weight. Perhaps I need to suck it up and wake up at 4:30 and get back to working out...
10. Reduce my invite list
11. Order engagement pictures
12. Decide what to get my class for their "holiday" present
13. Get my eye brows waxed
14. Get opinions on bikini waxes...maybe
15. Get wedding gift for Chris and staci. Yeah, three of my besties are with Chris'...
16. Schedule my Caterer's "tasting" meeting...oh I can't wait!
17. stop adding things to this list.

No wonder I never sleep with a lick!! I shall leave you with the wonderfully flattering shot my dear fiancée took of me last night. Love him...

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