Friday, February 3, 2012

Why you should never work from home...

So the downfall of working from home is that I easily find things to help me avoid working. Now, these tasks seem super important at the time, however, they usually end up causing me to have to work at night, which simply sucks. But I just can’t find the power to work today…here is the reason why:

Last night I went to OKC to have dinner with my best friend Staci. We have been friends since 5th grade, and best friends since 7th. She recently got engaged (after 10 years…something Chris and I ARE NOT striving for…). Her big day is December 1, 2012!! She has asked me to be a bridesmaid, and got me the cutest gift! Staci is incredibly crafty and creative. She is going to design her whole wedding herself, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with (then hire her for mine). Well, I got to the city (yes, I’m from OKC, thus THE CITY = OKC. Always.) at around 5:30. We headed to dinner, and proceeded to stay there for like 3 hours! Then we went back to her place, where her fiancĂ© came home from working (at 10), and I still hadn’t left yet! We talked some more, and I finally left at 10:30 last night. That put me pulling into my driveway at exactly 12:28. Of course I was now wide awake from driving (and drinking probably a gallon of iced tea…unsweet), so I stayed awake until 2. I tried to sleep on the couch, since I knew Chris’ alarm would be going off at 3:30, and I didn’t want to wake him. That didn’t work. So when I heard Chris go into the bathroom, I high-tailed it to the bed. I was probably asleep before I hit the pillow. So I figured, oh I’ll wake up around 10. UMMM, NO. I got up at 7:45. Thus begins my work avoidance routine:

1.       I did some cardio for 40 minutes. I skipped yoga today. Fail.
2.       I ate breakfast.
3.       I played on facebook.
4.       I played on pinterest.
5.       I started laundry.
6.       I moved the living room furniture.
7.       I watched it rain.
8.       I vacuumed.
9.       I shampooed the living room’s carpet.
10.   I folded laundry.
11.   I stripped both beds of their sheets and started that laundry.
12.   I remade the master bedroom’s bed.
13.   I watched it rain some more.
14.   I watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman.
15.   I’m updating my blog.

So now, I must either decide to shower now or start working. Once I shower though, I have to work. My boss comes back from West Virginia (where he’s been with my sister) today. He’s going to want to see my work. And I need to finish it. But. I. Can’t. Strike that…I. Don’t. Want. To.

Wait, I just noticed something. I haven’t updated my twitter in a while. And I need to check my email. Never the less, I will avoid another 30 minutes of work. Bahahaha! 

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