Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I suck at this blogging thing.
My life is simply not interesting.
I have no children.
If you follow me on instagram, you know I obsessively take pictures of my dog.
My boyfriend and I aren’t planning a wedding.
My job still wants me to move to Ohio.

Oh yeah, there’s that elephant again…Hey Ohio. Did you miss me? Yeah, I wish I could say that same about you…………………………………………..

I was told yesterday I probably needed to go there. This time though, I told them moving was out of the question. I will travel. I will go to smelly Ohio (ok, I don’t know if it really smells there, so please take no offense, Ohioians [oh geez, is that what they’re called??? Ohioites? Bah]). I will stay in smelly Ohio for a week or two or three. BUT I WILL NOT LIVE THERE. I must be able to come home every few weeks. PERIOD.

So who will hire me to private tutor or home school their child(ren) when I have to quit? Hey, if I stay in OK, it’s for you all, my friends! Just kidding, it’s for you, too, Chris. J

In other news, Chris and I celebrated our first real valentine’s day together. Yes, it was actually our fourth, but I hate that holiday. Every day we should be showered with love and affection. Every day we should let the other know how we truly appreciate them and how much they mean to us. Yeah, but it doesn’t happen like that. I think Valentines’ Day was actually invented by some pissed off lady. Her husband was probably lazy and smelly, riding his horse all day, shooting ducks, playing billiards (yes, I read a lot of historical romances, so sue me), and completely forgot to give his lady love some sugar. Probably forgot her birthday or something. So she invented this holiday to make her man tell her how much he loves her. Which, is genius, however, not everyone can stomach that gooey romantic crap. (I only can in novel form). I feel bad because I think Chris truly wants to tell or show me how much he loves me. So this year, I said, LET THY CELEBRATION, BEGIN! Oh, and I made him a bouquet. A beer bouquet! There were 12 specialty beers, placed in a tin pail vase of shelled peanuts (instead of water…like flowers are in). There was a card and some candy as well, in addition to two OKC Thunder basketball tickets. Yes, it was amazing. I rocked it. But Mr. Murray has to upstage me. He brought home a dozen of the most beautiful red roses I’ve ever seen in my life! The last time he gave me flowers was on our first date! And they were pink carnations because he told the flower lady I was a Phi Mu (He claims he bought me a house with a flower bed and rose bushes, so there are my flowers….). I also got a mani/pedi gift certificate and an Amazon gift card. Plus a card, that (disgustingly) made me cry. And he delivered a card to me from Tyson. I made him this fabulous dinner and dessert. And then we cuddled on the couch. (sorry if some of you just threw up in your mouth a little…I would have too).

Isn’t it sad when the most exciting thing in your life was a week ago today?  Eh, what ya gonna do?

To wrap things up, Friday night we went to a Thunder game (not the Vday present game, a different game his friend gave us tickets to). Saturday I helped host the Tulsa Alumnae’s Heart-to-Heart Phi Mu event with some of the EN collegiate members and their mothers. That night we went out with Corey and Mike for dinner and piano bar. Sunday we lounged around. I talked to Staci for about 3 hours on the phone. Today, I spent with Ansley getting my car inspected and taking her to McDonalds. Two year olds and McDonalds. Now there’s an experience.

I feel like going shopping. I feel like doing a pinterest project. Instead of eating when I’m mad, I now do artsy crafty stuff. Or simply go spend money. Kirklands is having a big sale. And the one in Owasso is next door to Pier 1 and Old Navy…..later!       

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