Monday, March 12, 2012

One week down...

Ok, I’ve been here for one week now. Here are some of the things I’ve come across.

1.      It takes forever to get anywhere in this part of the country. Everything is far apart, up (or down) a winding road, through a mountain and forest region. Maybe when spring is finally sprung, it will look pretty. And there are dead animals all over the road. And lots of Chinese take-out….ick.

2.      There are Dairy Queens everywhere. It makes me continually want a dip cone.

3.      People here think Oklahoma must be somewhere near Japan. I constantly get asked how long the plane ride is (uhhhh, 3 hours, duhh).

4.      Everyone talks funny. And I know funny! They talk really slow too. It’s almost like a slow, southern accent with flares of the East.  

5.      You must specify country gravy or else you get brown or chicken gravy. Those two DO NOT taste good on French fries or chicken strips.

6.      It rains a lot. And it lasts all days.

7.      There are Amish people all over the place. And they interest the hell out of me.

8.      Facetime is the best invention ever. I’ve gotten to talk to Courtney Allen, Corey Shelh, and Chris Murray! It’s fabulous!

9.      Brick houses are not the norm here. Mostly just wood paneled or modular type. Every so often you’ll see a brick house, and I always think, you’re the one everyone runs to when those twisters hit, right?

10.   There are not enough Targets in this area. And Mexican food is not authentic if you don’t have a Hispanic person working for you. Sorry, Charlie. There is just something about little old Hispanic ladies making my tortillas that just makes it that much better.

11.   I never have cell phone reception when I’m out on the job. Dang those Amish for not letting ATT put a tower on their land!!! What if I break down? Will you all even know how to help me? Please don’t kidnap me! Or try to recruit me as new breeding stock. I’m not a future Mrs. Yoder, that’s for sure.

So, surprisingly, I’ve survived my first week. I’ve seen a LOT of pretty buildings and country side. I can’t wait for the Amish to open up for the spring and summer season so I can purchase their goods. They literally have road side stands that you can order bread from on Monday, and pick up on Tuesday. It is also cheaper to have your house built by the Amish (thus the lack of stone or brick houses).

The worse part, other than being away from Chris, all my friends, and my family, is that the people here live in a totally different socioeconomic culture than I do. Say what you will about Oil and Gas Companies. These people need these oil leases. BAD. I went to into one client’s house, and it was a beautiful 100+ year old farm house. It was last updated in 1950s, minus the oven range from 1982. These people are hard factory type workers, and I pray that they receive the benefits from signing these gas leases. They definitely need it. It has certainly humbled me.  

Now for some good news: I get to come home for a week next week! I should arrive back in T-Town sometime Monday. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I can’t wait. My poor dog was sick all last week. Chris said he thought it was because Tyson was so focused on waiting for me to come home. Every time he would hear a car door slam or a horn honk, he would perk up and stare at the front door. Apparently he wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom with Chris, but he slept on the couch, waiting. That broke my heart into a million pictures.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll update more later. Thanks for everyone being so supportive about me coming out here! I appreciate your love and kind words!!

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