Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I need to get on the blogging ball!

Well, I’m starting my third work here in Ohio. Not much has changed. It has gotten warmer, but it rains every day, still. I think I need to get used to this. Oh well.

I say third week since last week I got to spend it blissfully in Oklahoma, at home! It was wonderful. I just love that feeling of jumping into Chris’ arms when I walk through the door, not to mention the spaz-stic behavior Tyson exhibited when I breezed in after a two week absence. He wanted to sit in the bathroom while I showered, but that weirded me out, so I put him on the bed, where I think he sat the entire time, waiting!

Monday, I got home, to hurricane like rain. That weather continued on Tuesday. My neighborhood and surrounding roads were flooding. I spent Tuesday inside, reading and moving some work files. Tuesday night some friends of ours met us for dinner at the new Sushi bar in Owasso. (Akira=delicious!!!)

Wednesday , I went and visited my bestie, Staci. We talked wedding plans and got some lunch. She showed me the changes she’s made to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the fabric sample, etc. She’s getting them specially made, which ended up being cheaper than simply having us pick something out at a bridal store (we won't have to get them altered, he going to fit them straight to us). I love the dress! It is totally wearable again! It is one shouldered, above the knee, and so flattering. I can’t wait to wear it on her big day!

Thursday and Friday I worked some more. Friday afternoon I spent with Courtney and Jennie doing our Froyo thing! Camden was present, as well as the future little girl Snowflake! I love that my friends have or are having children. I can live vicariously through them! I still don’t know that I’ll ever be a mom to more than Tyson, but I can certainly play and spoil everyone else’s kiddos!

Saturday, Chris and I both got pedicures, then got some happy hour drinks. (I wish I could upload the pics of Chris getting his done. I texted them to Courtney and Erin, laughing the whole time. I was specifically forbidden to post any pictures of him on facebook. I had to delete them from my phone too :( ) We made friends with the Red Robin bartender, Mandy, and we ended up spending 3 hours there. They have a skinny Absolut vodka freckled lemonade and it is divine! 80 calories for a whole glass? Yes please.

Sunday was house work and lawn work day. Then it was Monday again, and I was packing to leave. Jessica and I met for lunch, and I got to love all over Alexander.  He’s such a flirt! My sister showed up, spent the night, and bright and early yesterday (Tuesday) morning, we left to come back to West Virgina (for those I confuse; Stephanie lives on the WV/OH border. She lives in WV, but we work in OH).

Now I’m at work, waiting for my sister to return to take me back to her place. I’m done for the day. I am currently on the hunt for a Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote in Suzani. I need a bag that fits my big a$$ laptop in. And I’m done with carrying my purse and work bag. So a bigger bag = less baggage for me! Lol.

Ok, that’s it for now! I get to come back home in a week from tomorrow!!!!! I’m flying this time, and will return on the following Monday.

PS-I believe everyone should get a lifeproof iPhone case. Its amazing! I can’t wait to take it to Australia (which has been decided, we will be visiting from May 25 to June 2!!!!)  and take amazing pictures, UNDERWATER, with it. I convinced Courtney! They’re great!!   


  1. I like blog updates! And I miss you. But Im glad you FINALLY booked an Oz trip. you going to the Barrier reef? SO WORTH IT. I highly recommend you work that in and PLEASE video? OMG I'm excited for that, I wish I had a lifeproof last August!!

  2. and for the love of everything holy take that comment password requirement thing off. PLEASE!