Monday, June 4, 2012

Australian Holiday

So, I’ve been on a two month hiatus, and I apologize for that, not that anything interesting has happened, except for in the last week and especially the last 24 hours.
So last Friday, Chris and I left for Australia! Here is the rundown of each of our days:

Friday: Boarded airplane bound for Salt Lake City, then LA, then Australia.

Saturday: This day got lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

Sunday: Arrived in Sydney bright and early. Caught a cab to Missy’s. Showered. Ferried over to Circular Quay (pronounced “key”, Americans). We observed the sights and sounds of the Quay, including the Opera House, Aboriginal music, different sculptures and light displays, etc. Took a motor boat tour of the all the nooks and crannies of the harbor, ate some delicious pub food and beers!  

Monday: Chris and I took a ferry to Manly beach. BEAUTIFUL. We walked up down the streets there, stumbled upon a pub called Murray’s. They were closed though. Ate our first fish and chips (yummy, and I don’t typically like fish). Rode the ferry to Chinatown. Toured the Chinese gardens (sooo peaceful), and Chinatown. Had the best ever spring rolls and wontons I’ve ever eaten. Met Missy at home for some pizza.

Tuesday: Chris and I had a pork roll for breakfast. It was a bit much for me, so I only ate half. Then we boarded the plane for Cairns and Great Barrier Reef. Arrived in Cairns and got a cab tour of the town. Ate dinner, and went to bed early because we had an early start the next day.

Wednesday: 7am pick up for the Great Barrier Reef. We ate breakfast aboard the ship. We had an awesome crew telling us about the reef’s ecosystem, wildlife, how to snorkel and scuba dive, etc. We snorkeled and I took a zillion pictures! We ate lunch aboard too. Snorkeled some more then had wine and cheese and crackers on our way back. We ate a super nice dinner on the harbor of Cairns. Shopped the Night Market (do not recommend…scary).

Thursday: Arrived back in Sydney. Took the train, then a bus to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Played with some wallabies, fed some kangaroos, petted some koalas and goats, watched a dingo getting fed, and saw a million birds. Chris fell in love with wombats. We met Missy back for some Thai food. I tried duck for the first time. LOVED IT.

Friday: Opera House Tour. Then met Missy for lunch at Darling Harbor. We shopped then headed to her old stomping grounds, Chatswood. Purchased my opal ring! Got a lot of souvenir gifts, including tam tams and chicken salt. Also had some delicious sushi, ice cream, and sugar cane juice. Then we met Adam for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, with real Mexican working it (take that, Ohio!)! Their drinks were a little weak, but the food was great!

Saturday: Went to Mosman Beach, the climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge! That was amazing!!!! It was raining a bit, so that was a downer, but we had a great time anyway. Walked around the Ciruclar Quay that evening to observe the Vivid Sydney festival. All the buildings had great lighting designs, even the Opera house. Then ate dinner. Adam and Missy went back to her apartment, while Chris and I explored Luna Park. Then looked out over the harbor and the bridge and the opera house and the skyline. And THEN CHRIS ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll leave that story for the next blog. J

Sunday: Left Australia for home. L I almost cried on my way down the lift at Missy’s. Except, I kept looking at my ENGAGEMENT RING. I still cannot believe it.

All in all: BEST HOLIDAY/VACATION EVER! I will never forget this dream vacation. I loved every minute of it. Thanks to Courtney and Jennie and Missy for helping me plan events, Missy for letting us crash on your floor, and Adam for being the tour guide to us crazy Americans!  
More pictures will be posted on FB! Soon, hopefully! I have like 500 though...

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  1. This blog post is AMAZING. Yay! I'm so excited for you!!