Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Proposal

Well, I have a gap in work between meetings so I guess I’ll update my blog!
First, HOW ‘BOUT THEM THUNDER?!?!?!!! I hope so bad we go all the way!!

Second, I suppose I promised to blog about my engagement, so here it is. I’ve never had a candlelight, so all you Phi Mu’s start singing the song, and let it go around once, imagine me blowing the candle out, and continue reading….
Let’s see, as you already know, I got engaged to Mr. Murray while on holiday in Australia. We had a marvelous time (see prior blog to see a rundown of the events). I was hoping against all hope that he would pop that all important question on the trip. However, as the week progressed, I started believing I would be disappointed yet again. Actually, on the flight there, a nagging feeling kept telling me that it wasn’t going to happen, and to just get over it and enjoy yourself. So, I did (for the most part). I still hoped a bit, but I wasn’t going to let it shade my whole vacation.

If it was going to happen, I knew it would happen while we were in Cairns. I thought he would do it while diving or snorkeling around the reef. Well, in all actuality, that was the plan. He had the ring with him, he was ready to do it, until some shady looking hostel stayers boarded our ship. Three of them, from Sweden, looked half-baked and hung over. Plus, they smelled. Chris decided at the looks of them, he wasn’t going to be giving me this beautiful rock, and then have me put it in my bag while going back out into the water. So he scratched proposal at the reef. That night (this is Wednesday, by the way), we went to a fancy dinner, on a pier, but it was raining, and dark, and I made him visit this Night Market which made the Swedish dudes look nice. So scratch Cairns all together.
Thursday we arrived back in Sydney. We went to the wildlife park, but I was busy feeding kangaroos and koalas. My hands were disgusting. So no proposal at the park. Later that night, we were with Missy, and Chris is rather private, so he wanted to be alone. Moving on to Friday….

We toured the Opera House. This is it! He was going to do it here. Back up a tick…. Let me explain to you that this dialog is all coming from Chris after the matter. During this whole time, I am now 100% sure it is NOT going to happen. I am a bit bummed, but I was saving my frustrations for the flight home.  Ok, back to the story….Inside the opera house, during the tour. There is a spot, while touring, where you are in the front of the opera halls. The windows are floor to ceiling, the sunlight is beautiful, and no one is around. Perfect! Chris went to pull the ring out, I was turned around snapping pics, Chris is about to bend down, and BOOM. The tour guide walks around the corner with our other peeps. Chris shoves the ring back into his pocket. Afterwards, I’m anxious to meet up with Missy, and we spend the rest of the day goofing off.
Saturday morning dawns cloudy and rainy. We have the bridge climb. This is going to be the day! Haha. Poor guy. Adam takes us to Mosman Beach, and Chris thinks about doing it there, but decides no. Then we head to the Bridge Climb. Chris thinks and thinks, and decides, it’s getting done there. Except, when he’s pulling on his climb suit, he gets scared, and shoves the ring back into his backpack. Later on, during the climb, the climb guide tells us all how people propose up on top of the bridge. Chris feels like jumping off the bridge at this point. I think by now, Chris is having mild seizures. He keeps asking how long we are going to be here or there, what the plan is, when are we going somewhere…I don’t notice. We tour the city lights then head to the Kirribillie Club for dinner. After dinner, Chris tells me he wants to tour Luna Park. I say ok, and invite Missy and Adam along. However, Chris somehow, I thought rather rudely, excuses them from going. We walked around the Park, rode the ferris wheel, and left. I was ready to go back to Missy’s to start packing. But Chris had other plans. He wanted to walk around under the bridge, around the harbor. We stopped at a point where the lights from Luna Park are behind you, the bridge is to your right, and the opera house is all lit up across the harbor. He wraps his arms around me. I’m just staring at the lights, and this is our dialog:

Chris: It sure is pretty here.
Tiffany: Yes, it is. <sighs because it’s about time to go home>
Chris: Not as pretty as you.

Tiffany: <snorts very unlady-like> oh yeah?
Chris: I’m serious.

Tiffany: Ok. <rolls eyes, maybe snorts again, giggles, something not romantic>
Chris: I have something to give you. I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a few days now.

Tiffany: Oh yeah? What is it?
Chris: <stares at Tiffany. Maybe sending some sort of ESP messages, I don’t know>

Tiffany: Are you gonna give it to me?
Chris: <gets down on one knee, pulls out little white ring box, opens box, light comes on in box>

Tiffany: <tears start to pour down face, cannot look away from Chris>

Chris: Will you marry me?
Tiffany: Yes!!! <flings arms around Chris, who attempts to place the ring on her finger, but it’s too small>

And there you have it! We kissed like a movie scene, heard some people murmuring behind us, and headed back to Missy’s, where I barged into her bathroom while she was peeing just to show her. It was everything I could have asked for! So now begins the joy of wedding planning. Our date is somewhere between April 1 and June 1, 2013. Looks like my dirty 30 will be magical!!

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