Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fast Foward!

Well I suppose it is time for my every few month update. As I've been reminded by Mrs. Jennie Snow, some pretty big things have happened lately. Also, as per Mrs. Snow, I'm typing in the car on my iPad.
I think it was June where we last left off. Perhaps engagement blog? Maybe I need to read my own blog to check???????? Ok, just checked on my phone and indeed, the proposal story was the last. At least I post the important stuff!! ;)
Let's have an agenda so I'm sure to cover everything, I may even get two or three blogs out of this!
1. Wedding date/party finalized
2. Chris' Ohio visit
3. My surprise ok visit
4. New job/the move home
5. The arrival of Miss Kinley and her pics
6. Preggo secrets!
7. Tales of the 4th grade nothing (not by Judy Blume)
8. Missy is coming home!
1. Wedding date/party finalized
Our wedding date has been set, Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 7pm. Please see the following website for all details: www.murrayhill.ourwedding.com. It will be in the Tulsa area, forcing both our families to travel. Our colors are charcoal, yellow, and (of course) Tiffany blue. (bahahaha). I have the privilege of having 6 bridesmaids and 2 honorary bridesmaids, along with Chris' 6 groomsmen and 2 honorary groomsmen. My girls include my sister, Staci, Jessica, Courtney, Missy, Corey, Jennie, and Erin! I feel so honored they have each agreed to take on this task and share in my special day. I'm sorry if someone feels like they were left out, I wish I could do a 27 dress like wedding, but that just wasn't possible.
2. Chris' Ohio visit
Well...maybe this shouldn’t have been a topic. Chris came to Ohio. We drove around Ohio and West Virginia. He met my coworkers. We shopped around Columbus.  We visited a sheetz (greatest. Gas. Station. Ever.)
3. Surprise OK visit
So Chris' visit was unplanned, but I had planned with his two besties, Adonis and Jonathan to come home and surprise Chris (and interview for 3 teaching jobs). So we had an elaborate plan, where Jonathan made plans to keep Chris home and Adonis planned on picking me up from the airport. Well, wouldn't know you know, united airlines (whom I've NEVER flown a non-complicated flight with, ever) canceled my Tulsa flight while I was in Houston (please insert the new Taylor Swift song, “We are Never Ever Ever…Getting Back Together here. That’s how I feel about United Airlines). Thanks to the quick thinking of Courtney Allen and Erin Weisz, I was able to bounce united and get on an American flight. Needless to say, I had to call Chris to come and get me, since I now got in at midnight and not 8. Also, this bouncing upset united and they canceled my return flights. They heard from me... A woman scorned...Never the less, my visit was so very successful! I got offered two jobs, which cemented my plans to MOVE home! Plus I got to meet Kinley Snow!
Which leads me to #4. The new job/the move home
So during my surprise visit, I was interviewed twice for teaching positions; one for preK and one for 4th grade (I had three scheduled, but after I confirmed one, I decided not to attend the other since they were for the same district). I accepted a 4th grade position. I went back to Ohio, gave them a week's notice (the school needed me to do a bunch of paperwork), and packed one of my sister's cars up (yup, she's got two....insert eye roll here) and drove the 16 hours home. I stopped in Terra Haute, Indiana, and ate at my first white castle burger (not impressed). I also stayed the night there, and got up early to make the last leg. The weather was great, except through Indianapolis, where it rained sideways so hard I had to pull over. Pulling in my driveway was the greatest feeling ever. I cried! Thus closes my Ohio chapter.
And this blog...for now. Told you I would get multiple. ;)

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